Email Marketing Made Easy

Feature rich yet easy to use allowing even web novices to be email marketing within minutes.
While Advanced functions enables web pros to squeeze the maximum customer responses from each every campaign.
New features launched monthly by our in-house development team.
Know exactly how times an email is opened, a link is clicked or an order is generated through the campaign
Statistics allowing you to analysis respondents geographic location, average response times and click through rates
Compare response rates between campaigns and templates to develop a better understanding of the type of email campaigns that work best for your customers
Automatically wall-post and tweet whenever a campaign has been sent
Embed a Facebook like button directly into your campaigns, tracking the 'liked' responses
Generate and print QR-Barcodes allowing customers to simply scan and subscribe from their mobiles
Grab the RSS Feed and publish the latest campaign details where you like
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Web Parler is email marketing made easy

Web parler is the email marketing solution of choice for businesses all over the globe.
Combining flexible yet powerful tools to develop professional looking email campaigns with full customer profiling and results tracking. Web Parler has the tools any online business needs to develop a sucsessful, intelligent and efficient email marketing strategy.
Web Parler will help you.....

Easy emarketing

Our easy to use email marketing tools allow even web novices to quickly design professional looking email campaigns

Full Campaign Tracking

Track, analyze, compare and generate reports of all campaign activity including; opens, clicks, sales, returns and unsubscribes

Customer Profiling

Understand your customers with flexible profiling tools based on spending, personal details or campaign responses.

Email Templates

Create professional looking campaigns using attractive off the shelf templates or upload your own for total control and flexibility.

Email Personalization

Make your email campaigns personal to your customers by tailoring the content to include any of their personal information name.

Anti-Spam Tools

A dedicated ISP liaison team ensures Web Parler enjoys a high delivery, while an online SPAM tester checks campaign's content.

Email Preview

See campaigns exactly how recipients will see them by previewing in all major email clients and popular online email services.

Schedule & Batch Sending

Schedule campaigns around the times customers are most likely to respond while sending in batches ensures response can be managed.

Website Integration

Easy and flexible integration with web sites so customer details can be captured in real time straight into Web Parler accounts.

Google Analytics™

Easily link the campaign with Google Analytics™, allowing statistics to be collated with any other data collected through Analytics.

Generate Reports

Generate any of over 40 different reports to help identify trends in customer and sales data as well as campaign responses.

Mac Friendly Service

Fully tested on the mac operating system to ensure compatibility while specialist mac team are available for any support questions.

No Custom Software

Runs on all common browsers with no plug-ins required

No Long term contract

Rolling monthly terms with no cancellation notice required